Energy Assessments for Homes

Energy Performance Certificates (EPC)

An EPC is a legally recognised assessment that determines the Energy Rating of your home/building. Ratings are from an A to a G with G being the worst performing. An EPC rating is normally used to provide prospective buyers and tenants with an indication of how much the energy costs at a property would be.

Retrofit Assessment

A retrofit assessment is a more detailed process than an EPC and provides a more in-depth report of the property to support retrofitting energy efficiency measures. There are 3 key elements to this assessment: property energy use is modelled to provide an energy report; a condition survey looks for defects that could impact future energy efficiency improvements; and an Occupancy Assessment provides a more accurate picture of water consumption and heating.

The information in a Retrofit Assessment enables you to make an informed choice about the next steps to make your home more energy efficient, effectively heated and suitably ventilated.