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Damp and Mould Remediation

If you have damp and/or mould in your home, then you should seek to treat it and rectify the problem to prevent it coming back. While there may be other issues causing damp, such as leaks, or a degraded damp proof course (DPC), poor ventilation is often a cause of mould as moisture is trapped in your home. A wet atmosphere with a lot of condensation creates ideal circumstances for damp to fester and mould to grow rapidly.

A technical survey can identify the cause and provide a solution to prevent reoccurrence.

Cavity Wall Remediation

Under some circumstances it may be necessary to carry out remediation works to allow cavity wall insulation to be installed, and occasionally remove old cavity wall insulation from a property. This can be for a variety of reasons but may include:

  • Extract debris/rubble from within the cavities, allowing properties that were previously untreatable to be treated.
  • Where guarantees have not been issued when previously insulated.
  • Extract failed cavity wall insulation due to contamination. This may have been caused by building works, flooding or other excessive water ingress and may be insurance remedial works.
  • To allow structural repairs to the building.

Removing old/existing insulation is time-consuming but must be done properly to prevent any future issues.


When installing insulation in your home it is important to consider ventilation. Allowing air flow in your home will reduce the risk of condensation and make your home healthier. Ventilation can be both passive and active, and some homes may need a combination of both.

Passive ventilation may include installing trickle vents in windows, or completing undercuts to internal doors, allowing air to flow more freely.

Active or mechanical ventilation is more often required in bathrooms and kitchens rooms or more humid rooms.

Loft Storage Platforms

Storage in many homes can be an issue - having additional space in the loft, with an easy to access loft ladder, could be the ideal solution.

Case Study - Babergh & Mid Suffolk


Aran has entirely refurbished a local authority residential home adversely affected by severe mould and condensation issues. Historically, previous attempts had been made to refurbish and improve the property, however these had proved unsuccessful due to the construction of the house.

The work carried out by Aran has entirely renewed the property, creating a safer environment for residents to live in and significantly reducing the risk of future condensation issues.