New Project Award

Thursday, May 30, 2024

The Cambridge Housing Society have appointed Aran as their delivery partner for their SHDF Wave 2.2 programme through CPC’s N8 Energy Efficiency Framework.

Cambridge Housing Society (CHS) were awarded £949,000 from SHDF Wave 2.2 funding to support the improvement of 107 properties, that will run in conjunction with the investment already planned to maintain CHS’ properties to the standards set out in their Asset Management Strategy.

These improvement works will support solid wall insulation in around half of the homes with the remaining installing cavity wall insulation alongside a raft of other fabric measures and clean heat to increase the EPC rating of these homes to a minimum of an EPC rating.

These works with CHS alongside our existing Wave 2.1 project with Cambridge City Council will mean that more than 350 homes will be improved in across Cambridge in the next 12 months, a great step towards achieving Net Zero.