HUG 2, A Success! What’s Next?

Friday, June 7, 2024

We're slightly behind on reporting but the latest statistics update for HUG 2.0 by the Department for Energy Security have recently been released, which show at the end of Year 1 of the scheme, a total of 1839 measures had been installed across 1100 households. A significant step forward in delivery since December 2023. Let’s hope this improved momentum continues in year 2. 
Well, done to the team for delivering increasing volumes of work over the last quarter, and contributing significantly towards the delivery of this challenging programme. 
As ever we are extremely proud of the team at Aran for their continued efforts to deliver increasing volumes of works on this programme and assist so many more customers in making their homes warmer, healthier, and cheaper to run. 
Of the work delivered on the scheme so far, Aran have completed an impressive 287 (15.6%) of the completed measures and delivered improvements to 162 (14.7%) of households receiving improvements under the scheme in year 1. The team have continued this fantastic effort into year 2 and we hope to deliver home upgrades to more than double the number of households in the final year of the scheme. 
The level of partnership working between the teams at Aran and the brilliant officers at our partner organisations have been a key reason behind the success achieved to date, and we look forward to continuing to work with you over the rest of HUG2 and moving on to the new Local Authority Retrofit Scheme (LARS). If you would like to discuss your plans for LARS with us, we would be happy to discuss our successful and impactful, partnership working model with you, and assist you on your future bids and programmes. Please contact our Business Development Team at 

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