Meet the Team

Cathryn Bacon

Finance Director

Cathryn joined Aran in 2015 as Finance Manager, having previously been the Audit Manager for the company.  Qualified ACA with experience in both industry and practice, and is now focusing on managing the cashflow and working capital.

Keen to be a positive influence, in particular to support young people and their aspirations.

Likes: Tennis - playing (badly) and watching.  Weekends away in North Norfolk.

Dislikes: Sambuca

Craig Thomson

Director of Sales and Operations

Craig has dedicated nearly 20 years to making a difference within the Energy Efficiency Sector. Joining the business as a Project Manager in 2015, rose to Sales Manager in 2018 and has served within current leadership role since 2019. 

A joy is to immerse within new environments and cultures. 

Likes: Family Time, Parties, Travelling, Running, Yoga, Nature. 

Dislikes: Conversations about bad weather 

Dan Wright

Technical Manager

Dan has worked within the Automotive and Aerospace sector for over 10 years and has a strong engineering background. Dan was hired as Supply Chain Manager in 2022 and has progressed into various roles within Aran.

Process driven and passionate about building a sustainable future.

Likes: Football, walking his dogs and going out to socialise.

Dislikes: Movies made before I was born!

Finn Morris

Business Development Manager

Finn has been in the insulation and building trade for over 20 years and specialises in providing solutions to complex challenges.

Finn enjoys family life with his two boys, when he’s not busy working, he cooks for his family and friends.

Likes: Building things and helping people.

Dislikes: Liver and Bacon, and the M25!

Ian Eldridge

Commercial Manager

With over half a decade of dynamic experience in the aerospace sector, Ian has transitioned his expertise to energy efficiency. For the past 3 years he has driven sustainable solutions.

A team player who is passionate towards continuous improvement. 

Likes: Football and Cricket, outside of sports an avid enthusiast for live music and stand-up comedy.

Dislikes: Karaoke.

Ian Gager

Senior Operations Manager

Ian has worked in the Energy Efficiency sector since Aug 2006. Started working for Aran as a Consultant in April 2013, moving to a full time with Aran in 2014, leading on accreditation scheme and business compliance.

Likes: Family & friends, cooking and eating great food, live theatre and concerts.

Dislikes: Rude and inconsiderate people.  Food wise, tripe, just don't see why anyone would eat it

James Attwood

Senior Operations Manager

Having started in the Energy Efficiency industry in 2007, James joined Aran in 2023 with Senior Operational management experience, responsible for the delivery of large, remote, field-based workforces across the UK.

Likes: Football and family.

Dislikes: Flies and burps.

John Whitefield


John has worked in energy efficiency/passive fire protection sector for 37 years. He has held three Managing Director positions. Joined Aran in 2016 and is helping the business maximise its potential and to make a positive impact.

Parish Councillor for 20 years. 

Likes: Positive people, rugby, golf

Dislikes: Spaghetti.

Lisa Sier

Senior Compliance Manager

Lisa has worked in Energy Efficiency for 20 years with 7 at Aran as the Senior Compliance Manger running the complex ECO scheme.

Working within a team to improve energy efficiency in people’s homes, strongly committed to a greener planet.

Lisa: Socialising with friends and family, travel and dining out.

Dislikes: Synthetic orange (including chocolate) People with no manners.

Mark Randall

Managing Director

Mark, with 24 years’ experience in the energy efficiency sector, joined Aran in 2016 and became Group MD in 2019. He has extensive experience managing and delivering impactful energy efficiency projects.

Parish Councillor for the last 15 years.

Likes: Time with my family away in North Yorkshire, cooking and the occasional pint in my local.

Dislikes: Cheese...

Nina Heigham

Business Development Manager

Nina joined Aran in 2011 as Business Development Manager and has enjoyed the challenges of the an changing industry over that time.

Helping protect the environment for generations to come through work and personal commitments to conservation.

Likes: Chocolate! And Running because of the chocolate. 

Dislikes: Chocolate, see the need to run! 

Rob Townley

Senior Contracts Manager

With 40 years in the industry, Rob oversees procurement and installations of Energy Efficiency measures for Decarbonisation projects.  He looks outside the box to provide solutions to problems and provide the client with the result they are looking for.

Likes: Family and sailing, especially  activities based on the water, love working with people who want to be team players 

Dislikes: People who do not want to be part of a team.