Passive Fire Protection Overview

Passive Fire Protection (PFP) is an essential element of construction that ensures the stability and integrity of a building in the event of a fire. PFP products and systems are fire tested to strict performance criteria which rely on the contractor installing to the manufacturers recommendations.

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Fire Stop Compound

Such "built in" PFP must provide the stability and integrity of the structural elements and also the separation of the building into areas of manageable areas of risk. Aran offers a comprehensive and professional service supplying these life safety systems. To ensure that these systems are installed to the highest standard, Aran are members of the third party accreditation scheme managed by the Building Research Establishment (BRE) named LPCB LPS 1531 and also the Association for Specialist fire Protection (ASFP). Together they ensure third party compliance and governance mitigating the risk to the clients' of the business, the building owners, their insurers and the fire service.

Fire Stopping of penetrations, cavity barriers and linear gap seals.

Compartment walls and floors are specifically designed to ensure that fire is contained

within a compartment and does not spread horizontally or vertically through a building. To maintain the performance of these structures, proprietary fire stopping systems are installed where there are gaps around service penetrations and voids in cavities. These systems provide a barrier to the spread of fire and as such are life safety systems for the occupants of the building and the fire fighters.

Fire stopping systems provide a solution to sealing fire resisting fixed elements of a building to restrict fire and smoke. In their reaction to a fire situation they swell and spread to achieve their fire resisting performance. These systems take the form of fire rated mineral wool batts, fire rated compounds, intumescent coatings and fire rated mastic seals. Cavity barriers are defined as construction that provides a close to a concealed space, such as a cavity wall or ceiling space against the passage of smoke or fire. These can take the form of mineral wool barriers for roof spaces and intumescent ablative coated batts for sealing behind cladding systems at floor level.

Fire Rated Board and Intumescent coatings to structural elements.

Structural frames that are constructed from steel require a fire protection rating as prescribed by Building Regulations Part B. This is achieved primarily through board encasements or thin film intumescent paints. The board systems are usually applied in a boxed formation tight to the structural steel. The intumescent paint film thickness varies with the material, function and size of the steel section. The board systems supplied in various thicknesses which provides the fire resistance and maintains the structural integrity of the steelwork. The board systems are able to receive plaster finishes where required as part of the building's design.

Aran Fire Protection Limited are proud to be members of the Association for Specialists Fire Protection (ASFP). The ASFP is dedicated to the protection of life, property and the environment, the Association strives to raise awareness of the important role of passive fire protection throughout the life of a building, from design and construction to ongoing maintenance.

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