Energy Saving Home Improvement Grants - Check to see if you qualify


If you don't qualify for grant funding and still want to insulate your home or improve your heating system we would be happy to provide you with a quotation with the reassurance that your install will be completed to the high standards our partners and clients expect. Call or email our team for more information.

Qualifying Benefits and Components

Qualifying Benefits*? Residents should be aware that evidence will be required.
Armed Forces Independence Payment (MOD) NO INCOME CAP
Attendance Allowance NO INCOME CAP
Carers Allowance NO INCOME CAP
Constant Attendance Allowance (MOD) NO INCOME CAP
Disability Living Allowance NO INCOME CAP
Income Based Job Seekers Allowance NO INCOME CAP
Income Related Employment and Support Allowance NO INCOME CAP
Income Support NO INCOME CAP
Industrial Injuries Disablement Benefits NO INCOME CAP
Pension Credit (Guaranteed) NO INCOME CAP
Personal Independence Payment NO INCOME CAP
Severe Disablement Allowance NO INCOME CAP
Universal / Child / Working Families Tax Credit NO INCOME CAP
War Pensions Mobility Supplement (MOD) NO INCOME CAP
Child Benefit 1 Adult 1 Child 1 Adult 2 Children 1 Adult 3 Children 1 Adult 4 Children +
£18500* £23000* £27500* £32000*
2 Adults 1 Child 2 Adults 2 Children 2 Adult 3 Children 2 Adults 4 Children +
£25500* £30000* £34500* £39000*

Other ways to Qualify

Many Local Authorities offer bespoke qualifying criteria for their district/borough. If you meet one or more of the below you MAY be entitled to ECO grant funding. In some areas you will need only one element, in others two or more. Income maximums may vary across districts, Our contact team will be able to advise you further.

Other Ways to Qualify*
Total Household income is made up by 50% or more through State Pension - 1 Person
Total Household income is made up by 75% or more through State Pension - 2 Persons
Does the Household spend 10% or more of their income after mortgage / rent on fuel bills?
Vulnerable to Cold? Do the below apply to any residents in the property?
People with cardiovascular conditions
People with respiratory conditions
Mental health conditions
Older people (over 60 - 70)
Young children (under 5 - 18)
Pregnant women
Autoimmune / Immunodeficiency e.g. HIV/AIDS/MS/cancer treatment
Move in and out of homelessness
Recent Immigrants, asylum seekers and refugees
Neurological and related conditions i.e fibromyalgia, ME
Who have attended hospital due to a fall
Terminal Illness
Haemogloginopathies (e.g. sickle cell, thalassaemia)
Any other health issue that is exacerbated by cold?
People with severe learning difficulties

*Grant funding is calculated using Ofgem deemed savings scores. Grant funding will differ between property types, property size, fuel types and installation. Some heating fuel types are excluded from grant funding streams. Some heating grants may require insulation works to be completed to access grant funding. Private Rented Sector homes are subject to variation in qualifying criteria. Your Local Authority may contact you to confirm the information you provide is correct and true to support ECO Flex applications. The Offer and any grant funding is subject to property assessment, and qualifying criteria. All offers are subject to standard terms and conditions found at: or call 01284 812520.

Take control of rising energy costs and start the process towards a warmer home and lower energy bills.

Register your Interest by requesting a call back or contact us directly. We will gather the information we need and tell you if you are likely to be eligible for grant funding and where possible try to complete a desktop assessment.

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